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Born September 30, 1962 in Hamilton, MO 

Graduated from Penney High School in Hamilton, MO with the Class of 1980.

Graduated from Headquarters Academy of Hair Design in September 1983 & obtained a Missouri Cosmetology license.

Gave birth to a daughter, Whitney Nichole Westfall on November 28, 1987

United in marriage with Bruce Davidson on February 20, 1993 at Kentucky Road Christian Church in Mexico MO.

Gave birth to a son, Dallas Alden Davidson on July 11, 1994

November 2, 2004 underwent emergency hysterectomy.

November 4, 2004 diagnosed with uterine Leiomyo Sarcoma Cancer.

April 19, 2005 discovered that cancer had metastisized to the skull, left femur and both lungs.

May 5, 2005 underwent surgery to have titanium nail placed in left femur for stabilization.

June 2005, underwent 12 rounds of radiation.

July 2005 began experimental chemotherapy

December 2, 2005 had titanium nail removed and had total hip replacement.

February 10, 2006  Scans showed that experimental drugs were no longer working and began new treatment.

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